Express x 500

Express x 500 Tags

The Express x 500 will give you 500+ electrical devices Tested and Tagged at your home, office, worksite or workplace from just $2.95 + GST per item.

The Express Test And Tag trained operator will perform the following on each appliance:

The electrical appliance will be disconnected from the power and visually inspected for any wear & tear to the plug, flexible cord and the equipment itself
The Express Test and Tag technician will use our State-Of-Art machine to check the electrical equipment to make sure that it’s Earth, Insulation, Polarity, Leakage, RCD Tripping Times are up to the AS/NZS 3760 safety standards
Once the electrical equipment/cable pass the test, our technician will place the Tag on the equipment stating the Tag Number, Technician License Number, Technician Name, Test & Re-Test date
A detailed Test and Tag Report will be provided
A reminder will be sent to you, when your electrical equipment is due for the re-test